Releasable Cable Ties

Cable ties are of various sizes and can be used in many different ways. These are very useful in the office, kitchen, and in the garden. The versatile tool offers many benefits to employees at industrial sites, construction sites and in manufacturing. Here are a few reasons why they are so popular:

  • The cost of cable ties is a few cents per piece and hence all can afford it.
  • These come in various designs and offer multi fold benefits.
  • Cable ties have replaced twines, ropes, and rubber bands.

These days, cable ties are not just used in the office to manage cables and wires. They are a low-cost solution to many problems we have in our day to day life. These come in many variations and some are specially designed for specific applications. For outdoor use, the black ties are good as they do not get damaged by UV rays. One can choose from nylon cable tie, colored cable ties, ID cable ties, releasable cable ties, and ties that can be mounted on walls.

When you have a project to work on you need to choose the right tie in the right specification. If you want to tie up a bundle of wires it helps to get the weight and size of the bundle then log on to a website that sells the ties. Choose the right style, size, color, and tensile strength so it stays intact for years to come. Many manufacturers have websites where can buy at factory direct prices. This helps you save a lot of money.

Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties are made using injection molding machines. These are available in a wide variety of styles, colors, sizes and tensile strengths. You can have custom ties made to meet your needs. Ties can also be printed with your logo and business message for branding purposes.

Colored Cable Ties

To color code, your project elements use these ties. It is easier to organize things in bunches when you have coded them in colors. In the office, rolls of paper can be organized by categories by using specific colors. In the kitchen, tie up bags of fruits, veggies, and snacks by color coding them by the day. Assign red for Monday and blue for Tuesday and so forth. This way you can tell how many days old the packet is.

ID Cable Ties

When you have to follow up on some tasks, writing remarks or date and time helps you remember faster. ID cable ties have a flat plat that can be written on and is great for this purpose. In the labs, the samples are time sensitive and ID ties help staff work in an efficient and productive manner. Marking also helps identify a particular cable or bunch of cables.

Releasable Cable Ties

Sometimes there are no tools to cut the ties open or you just dislike the use of tools. For such times and for those who do not like using tools the releasable cable ties are just perfect. Another benefit of these ties is that it can be reused time over again.  It is slightly more expensive but is a better choice as compared to the traditional kind.

Mountable Cable Ties

When the cables have to be hidden, mountable cable ties can be used to hang them on walls. This helps make the work spaces look neater and safer to work in.

If you will be using a lot of cable ties, get a cable tie gun. It will tighten the cables and then cut off the excess length to make it look neat.