The size of the airport and services offered by a car rental company would determine different ways to deliver the car. Many companies offer clients multiple ways to return the rental vehicles thereby making the process more quick and convenient. When you hire a car at the Doha airport, here’re a few different ways to drop them off;

Standard returns

The standard way to return a rental vehicle at the airport is driving it back to the pick-up location be it directly at the airport or a short distance away. Returning this way is one of the most popular choice for many different companies especially when you hire a car at the Doha airport as it allow workers to conduct inspection in your presence before deciding on the final charges. In case you’ve any concern over the charges or service, this is the best method as you may query directly with a company representative.

Kiosk return

This is perhaps the most expedient way of returning a hired car! Kiosk return is a popular choice in car rental industry that provides a quicker solution following standard procedure with minimum workforce. If your car rental company caters to the option, all you need is pulling the car into the designated parking lot, remove the baggage and leave the keys inside.

You must visit the kiosk with a self-supporting computerised machine allowing you to access the rental information, review changes against the account and pay for the rental car right through the machine. No need to wait for an employee from the car rental company to inspect the vehicle and your account. Still, you will be charged for any damage performed during the rental period that’s payable.

The express return

A quicker yet likewise procedure to the standard car return is the express return. When you hire a car at the Doha airport, complete paperwork or document with details of the rental and charges will be shared in person.

Details on the paperwork includes date of return, mileage and authorisation to charge from your account. Agreeing to the contract before returning the vehicle means you may drop off the car at company’s return lot, leave the keys within and simply handover the essential documents as a proof.

Rental return lots at the airport

Larger airports offer multiple return options and many other services to the patrons for maximum convenience. Car rental return lot is one among them which means you need to exactly return the vehicle at the original pick-up point. The return lots are a great option for car rental companies with facilities located offsite from the airport.

It’s convenient for both customers and company as they can easily pick the vehicle from the predefined point. Customer however should return the keys and documents to the company representative without driving to the office.


This service is exclusive than all others. You need paying a specific amount to the rental company included in the fees in exchange for the option to drop the vehicle right at the departure terminal. When you hire a car at the Doha airport, this particular service must be book in advance.


Above are a few common ways to drop off the vehicle back at the rentals without any hassle.