In this modern era, people want everything at one click. However, there’s one thing which has certainly revolutionized after the introduction of smart phones is the way people keep themselves updated with news. Formerly as soon as he/she returned home after job used to play news and that is how they kept themselves updated. However,this concept has changed drastically after the introduction of smartphones.

There are various news latest app for android through which you can access daily news and that in too of whichever field you want like politics, technology, sports or lifestyle among others.

Here is the list of top 5 English News apps, through which you can keep yourself updated with your choice of news:

  1. Cricinfo: This is the oldest and most preferred mobile app to check out the latest scores along with commentary, match results, expert’s analysis and also upcoming schedule. Cricket is like a religion in India and is widely followedtherefore if you want to keep yourself updated with what’s happening in the world of cricket than this is the app which can help you keep updated with all cricketing ties across the globe.
  2. Headlines Today App:This is arguably country’s best English news channel. This app covers a wide range of stories like latest news, Bollywood news, business news, breaking news, sporting news, entertainment news and political news. In this English news app download,you can easily select your preferred category of news and can easily keep yourself updated with that. This app covers the news with full speed and accuracy.
  3. Times Now App: This is definitely the right place for somebody who likes reading news in English. This app brings you unparallel news coverage with breaking and latest news. The app provides access to videos, photo gallery and news across the business, sports, politics, viral news and entertainment news among others. If you want to stay connected with the latest news than this app can certainly help you.
  4. Google App: This is also an excellent source of weather, sports or any news articles that is related to your choice of interest. The best part about this app is Google voice search which no one else provides. There’s nothing that this app can’t do. All the services that this app provides are available absolutely free, and hence,is indeed an app that is must on your phone.
  5. Twitter:Twitter is definitely the best social media app for news. Its unique features are that is shows news in chronological order and will show you exactly what’s happening right now, what’s trending and also has discovery features. In addition to news it’s a great way to share news and thus one can consider this app to stay in news.

The introduction of the smartphone has indeed changed the mindset the way people used to keep themselves updated with news these days. There are a ton of other sites and Android apps that can help you keep updated with the news of your choice.