In recent years, the online has been obtaining a lot of planted in our daily lives. We have a tendency to use it for everything, from looking, to banking, to reading our news. The demand for internet development talent is as high as ever and therefore the scope of what developers will do is huge!

As 2016 is about to finish, we will literally marvel what 2017 can have future for Dubai web development. Can the online weave its approach into even a lot of areas of our life?

Here’s my list of the most players that we believe can reshape the advertising landscape in 2017!

  1. Artificial intelligence

Whenever you state the longer term of technology, artificial intelligence (AI) is often high on the agenda. However at once, we do not believe it’s truly even. Plenty of advances were created within the field of AI within the last year.

AlphaGo, a program designed by Google DeepMind, became the primary program to beat an expert Go player.

Some of the largest corporations, like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, are releasing their AI technology to be utilized by the general public. Artificial intelligence is already utilized by giant applications, either to enhance search engines, like in Google’s case, or in Wikipedia’s case to spot inaccurate or broken articles.

With easier access to the required tools for AI development, we will expect developers to begin utilizing AI in new and alternative.

One such example is AI-driven computer creation. for instance if you register for The Grid, your AI internet designer can raise you questions about stigmatization, colors, layout and content, and then, supported pre-programmed algorithms, mechanically produce an aesthetic web site for you. You’ll have to update the web site as persistently as you wish, till you get a cutting-edge design.

  1. Video game

Another topic that always seems to surface when discussing the future of technology is virtual reality or VR. This trend is already underway to bend the gaming industry. The Oculus Rift and the Vive bring new and interesting possibilities to the world of gaming, but it won’t stop there.

Companies including Google and Mozilla have begun work on APIs to help VR technology transition to the web. As standards develop, we expect more and more applications to be developed using VR technologies. Therefore, Dubai web development is about to get the pace.

In the coming year, we’ll see virtual reality in various applications, ranging from news coverage, to virtual real estate tours.

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

The internet of things is a movement where typically non-internet-connected objects are given network connectivity in order to send and receive data. These objects can range from your toaster or kettle, to sensors on motors or sensors embedded in concrete to detect cracks and weaknesses.

Web developers may not be directly focusing on the creation of such devices. However, it’s likely we’ll be involved in the development of applications that use, analyze and display the devices’ data. Many companies including Xively and BugLabs are already in full swing working on APIs that can be used by developers to communicate with IoT devices.

Although IoT brings a ton of chance for innovation, some considerations are raised, particularly around security. Little question Dubai web development experts can have attention-grabbing challenges to face – serving to shield our fittings and furnishings from hackers.