Recently, a movie was released whose subtitle simply said that it was a “parent’s worst nightmare come to life” and it was…

It featured a family hiring a new babysitter in a rush without having had never met the girl before by the recommendation of their usual babysitter. Halfway through the movie, we realise that the girl is not the babysitter that was suggested but an imposter who is there to kidnap the youngest of the children and is the psychopath who has no qualms about hurting and even killing adults and children alike.

An event like this can certainly turn out to have nightmarish consequences for any parent whose children may be left alone with such a babysitter who could not only kidnap or violate the kids in any way he or she may deem fit, but even worse kill them and leave them in some dark and dingy part of the town. Just imagine, for a moment, that the same child that you have nurtured and raised lying dead in a rodent infested ditch somewhere. Even such a though is a hard act even to imagine let alone swallow.

How Can Parents Prevent This?

Parents have all the power in the world when it comes to their child. They have the power to control from what they eat to the other people they become friends. With that being said, there are a few things that parents can do to ensure that such things never happen to their kids ever, such as;

·         Hire From Trust-Worthy Sources

Like in the movie, never hire somebody to take care of you children without having had met them first and in person, before the day you need them to babysit your children. Also, hire babysitters from a trustable source. Your neighbour can also be a very trustable source as long as they are present there in with you in person when you interview the candidate they have recommended so that you leave nothing to chance.

·         Check In

Once you leave your wards under the care of a babysitter, always remember that your responsibility doesn’t end there. You should call in to check on your child every two hours or so and also ensure that your child has been fed and put to bed on time.

Furthermore, you can also ask your neighbour to check in on your child and your house at least once that evening to ensure that everything is under control and that the babysitter or your children do not need anything and are all good.

·         Talk To Your Child

Whenever you call or ask the neighbours to drop in on your place, do not forget to ask if he or she could talk to the child. This way if something is amiss with the whole situation a look at the child’s face or the tremor in his or her voice would be enough to give their situation away.

·         Use Spy Apps

You know how you used to use a baby monitor to see how your child was doing every night in his or her room when you have gone to bed? This is essentially the same thing, except this time you can install a cell phone spy application on your child’s phone or your home computer or even on a spare Smartphone that you have got lying around – all of them would serve as excellent monitoring tools and provide you with a deep look into what your child and your babysitter is up to wherever and however would like to with options like camera and microphone bugs provided to you can every easily do all you want to do, listen or even see what is going on, granted that the device in up and running.

The Bottom Line

Children are more than just the future of the world; they are a part of your being, a part that nature had commanded us to protect with our entire being. Thus, it makes it your responsibility as a parent and as a human being to care about your children in any way necessary at all. Whether it takes for you to kill somebody to ensure that you ward is safe, by all means, do it if you have got no alternative.


Author Bio:

Addison is writer and blogger at TOS Cell Phone Spy Software Blog. He love to write about social media privacies for children and digital parenting tips to protect children from cyberbullying and cyberstalking. To know more about him follow on Twitter@addisonalbert55