Today if youth has totally indulged itself into the pool of technology, so parents are responsible for it as they fail to train and guide them from their early age. Being their natural guide and supervisors, it’s every parent right to guide children how to make a good choice.

I know that we – adult people have become our self badly addicted to technology that we sometimes feel powerless. Being a parent, it might be difficult to help your child get them out of this bed of roses. Yet, parents are supposed to push their students towards habit of traditional reading.

The purpose of writing this blog is not to object to the idea of getting your child get familiar with the world of technology, and ceasing them to use technical devices, but my only concern is to set a specific limit, so they won’t think to take a negative advantage of the luxury of using cyber world, since sex and violence has already created much havoc in the internet world.

Now readers might be wondering – “whether i am against e-learning or addiction to technology as it has make education more convenient” When i say children needs more “lap than app” it means the young children nowadays consider hardworking and reading books a assignment writing service waste of time as technical devices has make it convenient for them to learn many things online.

The chain goes on, and the time comes when they forget to spend a quality time with their parents, neither discuss regarding their ambition and goals.

Parent’s fault that lead to technology addiction!

Another considerable factor that is responsible for children’s ineluctable habit of using internet, and online networking is a lack of time by parents. According to a small survey of parents in Philadelphia; three-quarters of their children had been given smart phones, tablets, or iPods at age of 4, and had used the devices without supervision.

The 70% parents reported that their children were allowed to use devices at age of 6 months to 4 years old, to play with mobile devices as they had to complete their housework, whereas 65 % parents claim they had done so to placate a child in public.

Around half of the children younger than 1 used a mobile device daily to play games, use apps and watch videos, and most of the 2 years used smart phones and tablets daily. This lack of supervision is far more dangerous than the using of devices by the very young ones.

According to experts, more surprising results were added to growing evidence that the use of electronic devices has become deeply woven into the experience of childhood. It would be not wrong to predict that in coming ten years, we’ll find that kids pacified with electronic toys were less able to sit still in first grade, less able to hold a job, and probably more likely to end up on the street.

What can be the better stand?

Parents are supposed to guide student’s time to time, how to create a balance between spending time online and offline. We need to remember that young children need “laps more than apps” if they want to raise their child in a more better way.