If we take a look at the world, we see entire population immersed in the pool of love either directly or indirectly, after marriage or without marriage. There are plenty of quotes, sonnets, anecdotes, and stories on true love that has inspired many individuals, but rarely someone knows the right way to love, and how to use it as a right track to bring one’s life in a right direction.

Keep aside love for a second, in fact, people proudly celebrate the symptoms of falling in love with someone – the cliché points which I’ve become used to listening since I entered into the conscious world, such as; lack of concentration, lack of appetite, when a particular person’s presence become a treat to eye, when career ambition and will to achieve something in life eventually ends at marriage, and list goes on.

The human mind is very greedy which never gets satisfied with anything. Intentionally or subconsciously, people destroy both their partners and their own lives by making a long list of expectations. What makes love disgusting is when it creates havoc in one’s life, and thus disturbs other lives interlinked with it.

The purpose of writing this article is to tell the world the true meaning, and the concept of love. The notion of “rising in love” is to know the beauty of love, and how to enjoy it to its fullest.

Let’s divide concept of love into three couples; unmarried/ single lovers,  newly married and matured the oldest couple. Trust me, this guide can help you making a perfect relationship.

For Single / Unmarried lovers

The bachelor or single age for me is the best period to make one’s career, and struggle to stand on one’s feet. Getting involved in early age relationship is not bad, but at least make yourself able enough to take a responsibility for whole life.

Parents contribute a lot in making their children live well established and put their life in jeopardy to make your life luxurious one, so don’t you think first it’s their right to get something positive and worth spending in return? Don’t they deserve to feel empowered by their children’s support and loyalty?

If parents are open minded and allow to move in life with your soul inspiration then it’s different thing, but admissible.

Newly Married Couples

Jealousy and possessiveness are the root cause of ruining happy lives. Love is not a service that one can enjoy. It is mostly assumed that possessiveness is a way to show love, but actually, it’s not. Let your love fly like a bird, if it’s your’s it will turn back to you, as it said that;

“Home is where the heart is”

But, if it does not come back, it was never for you. Another root cause that ruins an even well-trusted relationship is Jealousy. It harms every relationship. This offensive feeling generates when a wife or husband can’t bear to see their partner with some other person of the opposite sex.

Nobody likes to be confined. If your love is pure, your partner will realize that he/she can’t get the happiness that you give to him from others.

Love in oldest couples

It goes without saying that “Old is Gold”, but unfortunately, I have seen many grudges even between middle-aged and oldest couples, why? because they take love as a commodity, and force their partner to change. They often put conditions in front of love, such as desiring someone who doesn’t talk too much or who is more social.

If you try to change people in order to love them, then it does not love. It becomes a deal. An ideal relationship for me is when person / partner whether wife or husband has firm belief in their opposite partner, when nothing on this earth can affect their trust for each other, when they love their partner for not how they’ve retained their beauty, but for what they are inside, accept them with all flaws and qualities, and most importantly when they know how to balance their relationship, and family well, so does their feelings.

Author Bio – This article is written by blogging expert Katy Ciara. She also works as Write My Essay For Me relationship expert.