Many people can already notice the countless advertisement on condos for rent in Makati. In actuality, thousands of condominiums are for rent in the whole country. As a condominium owner, have you ever wondered why this trend exists? Well, this article is more than welcome to explain why this is becoming a business in its entirety.

In the real estate industry, being wise is a must in order to get the most of your real estate investments. It is only very seldom for people to make their condominiums their homes for more than ten years. After that, there is always the option to make money from the unit. Well, that makes perfect sense, because, for you to make the most of your real estate investment, it should not only serve as your or your family’s home. It should also give you the opportunity to make money.

Here are some options (in chronological order) for you to make the most of your condominium investment:

  1. Make it a home. Does your family need a home near the city? Well, that condominium is the most strategic option you may avail to. You may make it a home for a minimum of 1 year to 10 years before you venture into another option of profiting on it.


  1. Put the unit for rent! Those who posted their “condos for rent in Makati” are advertisements have reached this second phase of their condo unit life cycle. Perhaps, this is one of the most progressive of all. Having your condo for rent will not only allow you to create extra money, but it will also create a passive income that will not disappoint your monthly. What’s good about this is, you can make the whole unit rented or you can just let a single or couple rooms rented. You may also opt for bed spacing rentals. It’s very flexible, isn’t it?


  1. Turn your condo unit a home or a company office. Do you need a home for your startup company? Well, you can absolutely make your unit your company’s home for the meantime as you try to make your company bigger. This is a very good option for your company renting an office is very expensive nowadays.


  1. You may make your condo unit a small pension or transient house. There will always be those adventurers who will search for local places to stay during their vacations. This is just the same as option 2, but this is riskier. That is because you can never guarantee the number people of rentals monthly.


  1. Sell your property. This option is the last one you may take. This is feasible only if you no longer want anything to do with your old property and you just want it gone because of any possible reason. Well, you might be letting go of your beloved property, but at least you will be compensated with it after using it for many years already.

Investing in the real estate industry is a very risky thing to do. You would need to be wise in order for you to make the most out of your investments. Just follow all the helpful tips and you will be on your way to investing wisely and efficiently!