The sad reality is that there are not enough homes on the planet Earth to accommodate each and every pet. It’s a constant battle to prevent overcrowding at Pet shelters and to prevent the practices of the kill shelters amongst other things. However we can at the very least curb the pet population by Spaying and Neutering.

I imagine you would be excited about breeding a pet, and you should probably go ahead with it if you feel like you have room in your house and time on your hands to take care of them. But in my earlier years I remember going to the Pet Vet Animal Hospital in Houston to get my dog neutered. The reason for it was quite simple, even if I wanted to I would not have been able to take care of a horde of puppies, and I was horrified of the concept that a puppy might die due to my negligence.

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Even if you don’t breed your pet accidental pregnancy is always a possibility and you will find yourself having to take care of multiple pets, and there is a likely possibility that you might not be able to give your undivided attention to each and every one of your pets.

Furthermore there are numerous other advantages that come along with spaying and neutering. A spayed female will never go into heat and will live longer as well. It also helps prevent cancer and tumors and urinary tract infections as well. In the males neutering, can prevent testicular and prostate issues and also restrict behavioral issues such as marking and mounting.

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Spaying and neutering are actually extremely feasible options especially considering the plethora of benefits it provides you. It also can save you a lot of money as well in future costs as well. I recommend that you neuter a dog before he reaches the age of one year old, as this is the perfect time. In fact, if you adopt a pet nowadays its highly likely that the procedure might already have been performed, and it usually reflects in the adoption fees. This is quite possibly the most humane way that you can curb the population of pets and stray dogs and cats who roam the streets. I see many people arguing  with me when they say that they can handle the offspring’s of their pets, but more often than not I have seen them neglect one or more pups due to their busy schedules , and other priorities. I encourage families who have young children to go for the processes as taking care of the pets and their offspring’s along with your own children can be a daunting aspect for almost anybody.

If you are looking for someone who will Spay/Neuter your pets and live in the Houston area you might want to head over to Pet Vet hospitals, as I can speak from experience that they have taken good care of each and every one of my pet. Does the right thing have your pets sprayed and neutered today?

Author Bio:

Mike Mark is a professional dog trainer who enjoys writing blog posts in his spare time and currently works at Pet Vet Animal Hospital.