Kids are always fond if toys. They love to cuddle and play with them. In fact, they spend almost the entire day with their toys around them and nothing seems to make them happier that the toys. When a child is born, the new parents and the relatives and friends usher them with heaps of toys as the token of love. But remember one thing; toys made of plastic and battery operated things are a strict no in case of a new born baby or a toddler. Go for natural and eco-friendly toys for them.

There are many reasons to buy them natural toys. You just cannot go to a shop and pick any toy for a new born baby or a toddler. You will know why. So, you can buy them kid shumee toys online that makes natural toys for the kids and toddlers. But, why should you give more importance to natural toys only? Here are some reasons.

  • These organic toys are mainly open ended. They increase the amount if creativity in a child. This keeps the focus of the child intact on the toy and so they keep on learning more and discovering more about the toy.
  • Organic toys can improve mental health of the child as well. Natural and battery induced toys are very easy to operate. They have batteries and have operated movements. As a result the creativity and the learning process of a child get hampered. They get to know which button to switch on and off to get what effect they want in the toy. Hey also have a colours and other attractive features in it and that is why; kids always get easily attracted to these plastic and battery operated toys.
  • On the other hand, organic and wooden toys create a psychological effect on a child which is always positive. The kid once getting it start operating it in their own way. They add movements to them and they start new ways of playing with it on a daily basis. These wooden toys do not die a natural death. Battery operated toys have no life after the battery is dead. If it does not work, the kids will lose interest in them eventually. Wooden toys do not have that problem.
  • The wooden toys are good for health as well. This is because; they are not made from artificial and plastic products. Kids have a tendency to put toys in their mouth. Plastic toys can cause severe infection to their stomach. Wooden or organic toys are completely safe and they will not face any problem from those toys. It is said that plastic toys have phthalates in it. This is a very dangerous element. This can lead to skin diseases and damage of liver and kidneys as well.
  • Wooden toys are durable and they definitely last longer than plastic or battery infused toys. The wooden toys are mainly made of non-toxic paints and natural oils.

One can buy wooden and organic toys from Shumee toys shopping online and can also choose from their large varieties of products from the online site. This will make the children happy and safe and the parents will also feel relaxed as they are not handing toxic things to their child.