Most men think that suits are strictly formal, boring and stiff. For most people following the dress code means to wear the same type of outfits every day that makes it look dull and boring. But what if I told you that suit is actually a versatile outfit that can be worn in different ways to generate a different look. They can be used to create formal, smart casual and business casual look and they can also be separated to be worn with other items like denim jeans.

In order to add variety to your daily office outfit we have compiled ways of how you can wear one suit 3 ways

  1. 3 piece formal suit

Nothing defines class like a well-fitted 3-piece suit. This combination of pants and vest with a suit jacket blends perfectly to generate both style and class. In days when you have to go strictly formal, attending meeting or spending time with media you must opt for this 3 piece suit as it gives you a smart, streamlined and formal look.

As pink is the color of the season you can pair a pale pastel pink colored oxford shirt with a black tie. You can also go for a pocket square matching with the color of the shirt for a more sophisticated look. To pull this outfit together, wisely choose your shoes as it is rightly said that it is totally impossible to be well dressed in cheap shoes. To pull the formal look it is best to opt for some good looking dress shoes.

  1. Smart casual look

You can achieve this look by pairing suit jacket with jeans. This outfit can be used to maintain the professional style in days when you don’t have to go strictly formal.

Choose some dark colored jeans that matches with the formal styling of your suit jacket. With this outfit you can wear a button down shirt with or without a tie. But make sure if you are wearing a tie it must compliment your outfit. In days of winter you can also add a scarf wrapped around your neck. You can use a dress watch and wear dress shoes to add to your professional look.

  1. Pair a classic sweater with your suit

Wear a subtle shaded cashmere sweater over a button down collared shirt with a light colored pair of chinos. This outfit is great option for more relaxed office days when you want to go comfortable while looking sleek.

You can add the element of formality in this relaxed outfit by pairing a white tee shirt, grey jumper, beige colored chinos, a tie and a blazer, you can also add a pocket square matching with the color of your dress shirt. With this combination you can instantly look more sharp and professional. To finish off this look opt for some good looking leather shoes. Accessorize by wearing a dress watch and hold a leather briefcase for carrying all your professional documents.


Author Bio:
Claire Ashley is a Fashion Designer and Blogger at who loves to share her professional views on latest Men’s styling trends. She is a creative dynamite who believes that the world should honor two things limitlessly: Ideas and beauty! 🙂