Kitty parties are fun times for women. It is the much needed ‘me’ time for women which gives them relief from household chores and lets them enjoy the company of their friends. With the time the trend of this party is increasing and hence the common questions for the same usually trouble the organizer. Here are some important areas covered that can help one get the best party organized in a limited time also. One just needs to keep a few points in mind before the party and see the difference.

Here are few tips for organizing a memorable kitty party:

  • Theme

Theme based kitty parties are very interesting. It gives a chance to dress up and enjoy with your girl gang. Some of the best themes for a kitty party are Retro, Mughal, mask, Fashion show, back to school, Hawaiian, Ethnic or any colour co-ordinated theme. One must note that the theme must be decided in advance so that one can have sufficient time to arrange things.

  • Cake

Cakes are doubtlessly an integral part of every celebration and kitty parties are no exception to that. You can either bake a cake on your own or to save time you can also order an online cake delivery in Banswara on the same day of booking. There is a wide variety of cake option, and one can pick any cake of their choice.

  • Food and Beverages

The kitty party would require you to arrange for some refreshments. It depends on which time of the day the party is organized. For an evening party, one can arrange for snacks while for a noon party one needs to arrange for lunch. From Indian to continental one can pick for any cuisine but it is always better to inform the participants in advance so that they can arrange accordingly.

Potluck lunch is also one of the great and conventional ideas for a kitty party. Your friends can bring with them any delicacy of their choice from sweets to savoury.

  • Games

You can play games like cards, dumb charades, and antakshari so that there is no dull moment in your kitty party.

  • Knowledge sharing

Kitty parties have always been associated with gossips and time pass but the present-day women can make it really significant and substantial by doing something sensible. Knowledge sharing makes for one such great idea. The knowledge sharing can prove to be a great session wherein each member can share their experience or learning on something with the friends. This way you can get to know about a lot of new things.

  • Movie screening

On a lazy afternoon, after all your fun games and food, you can plan for a movie screening. You can plan to watch an old classic movie for reliving good old days.

  • Book reviews

Book reviews by each member of the group is also an interesting activity for a kitty party.

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