Transform Your Meeting Room Into Something More Unique

The meeting room is perhaps the most important room in the office. It’s the place where important discussions concerning the future of the company is discussed. Its where you brainstorm for new ideas to boost productivity and sales.  A drab room is not conducive to epiphanys that might change the direction of your business. A room filled with imagination and creativity on the other hand will be more conducive to productivity. It is not just about revamping your room, the trick lies in making your sessions more fun and dynamic to inspire your team. Its time to say goodbye to those boring white walls, pristine carpets and furniture that might be comfortable, but at the same time it is not conducive to creativity and as a result hampers your overall productivity. To give you and your team fresh impetus and inspiration, here we provide you with some of our best tips.

Time To Do Away With Those White Walls That Lack Personality

Many scientifc studies have shown that colour stimulates creativity, which in turn boosts team work, especially the colour green. If your bored of the monotony provided by your white wall, it is high time you do away with it by putting some colour on it. This does not necessarily mean that you have to paint your whole room. Colourful accessories will suffice in turning those frowns upside down and at the same time it gives your office a vibrant new energy.

Hang A Few Pictures

Another way you can add some colour to your room.  Hanging photos also makes your meeting room more friendly and personal. You are creating a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at the workplace, which encourages your workers to be creative in their endeavours. Such an atmosphere can be highly conducive during brainstroming sessions, especially in creative tasks such as, if you are struggling to name a new product or are trying to come up with a catchy slogan etc.

Perk Up Your Walls

There are many ways  by which you can make your walls more lively such as,

  • Putting up signs, slogans, posters or your business’s logo. Ask your design team to come up with a display that ties in with the message you want to portray as a brand.
  • Display postive phrases on the wall (preferably orignal ones), thought provoking quotes or your brands tag line using creative colour combinations and fonts
  • Optical illusions and wall coverings can really jazz up your walls
  • Use a flipchart to help you out during creative brainstorming sessions.

Have an unusual floor covering

Every office has a hopelessly out of date beige or red carpet. It is very typical as every meeting room in different organisations have it. To make your meeting rooms follow the new trend, you need to upgrade your floor covering with something that has an offbeat new look. You can select from a wide variety of options that are now available online. The grass carpet is one of the original items you can choose from.

If you have the grass carpet installed, depending on the type of meeting you are going to conduct you and your colleagues can then sit on the floor. This make working more fun and relaxing.

Change the layout of your meeting room

Most meeting rooms are designed with modern equipment and with furniture that are of great comfort. What if you decide to change it with something that is a little different? If you are making these changes, you are altogether changing the style of your conference rooms. This way, your employees will no longer think that the training sessions and meeting are activities that they must do unwillingly. You can incorporate the following ideas:

  • You can have meeting rooms that have no chairs and tables. This type of design is becoming very popular in many companies. Having this installation in your company can make for shorter meetings. It keeps your employees motivated and boost their confidence which will help them come up good ideas
  • An original way to vary your office space is rolling chairs. This can be a unique way to upgrade your meeting rooms with.
  • You can have a mix and match of vintage furniture with the modern office furniture in your office space to disrupt the herd mentality.
  • To transform your traditional meeting rooms into a more original space, you can make use of sofas and swings as furniture.
  • Make use of designer roller blinds to play with the space.
  • You can brighten up the space by implementing some plants around.

Making your space look lively

While adding bright colours to your conference rooms can brighten the space, similarly adding green plants can add character to the space. As we have said before the colour green is known to promote creativity. By adding more plants around your workplace, you are making the atmosphere of your office better.

  • Having some fresh flowers in vases kept on the meeting room tables can put anyone is a good mood. Not to say that it even adds a fun touch to your meeting rooms as well.
  • Implementing plants can even give out an exotic feel to your office space. You can put plants in stylish pots and window boxes and then place them all around the space that is available. You can particularly hang them from the ceilings or place them in corners.

This will give your employees a feeling for working outside in the nature, which in turn will improve their concentration and productivity.

Do not cut back on decorative and practical accessories

By now you would have understood that through this article we are trying to tell you to decorate your conference rooms as if it were your home. This will not only make your employees comfortable but will also give an informal feel to your group work sessions.

  • If your conference room is not lit well, brighten it with quirky and colourful ceiling lights.
  • To make the atmosphere more comfortable and warm, hang string lights or fairy lights.
  • Have sofas with cheerful cushions on them.
  • To stimulate the creativity of your staff members, add a few toys and games on shelves. You can even have games that are useful for brainstorming.
  • To have more relaxed meeting hours, install a coffee machine and water fountain or even a refrigerator.

You need to collectively think about all the little things that can be useful in co-working sessions.



Install Modern Technology

In this modern technological world, having high-tech equipment is an integral feature of any meeting rooms. You can install the video projectors, extra-large screens, interactive tablets, magnetic sticky notes and many other items. Make sure you have all the technologies installed that will help your meetings go smoothly.


Your Meeting Room Should Have A Name

You should put an end to impersonal and boring meeting rooms. It is much of a trend as companies are working towards making their offices a better place for their employees. One way you can do this is by giving your meeting rooms a fun name. This name should be relatable to your workspace theme or decoration.

This simple trick gives your office space a unique feel. You can name your meeting rooms anything from Rainbow room to giving it a name from your favourite sitcom. The possibilities can be endless!