High standard of living, luxury lifestyle and modern infrastructure have made Dubai a popular destination for expats seeking for second home and better job opportunities to offer financial support to their families.

Irrespective of the reason for choosing relocation, immigrants eventually fall in love with this city. This is mainly because Dubai is the true melting pot of culture, religion and nationalities across the world. Huge presence of people from all walks of life has enabled this city to earn the title of cosmopolitan city.

Dubai offers an appealing lifestyle for singles and expat workers accommodating here with families. A diverse range of residential properties from spacious studios, one bedroom to penthouse apartments and super luxury villas have been constructed to provide accommodation at reasonable prices. Though, availability of multiple accommodation options is not the sole reason for admiration. The city of extremes is full of exciting and wonderful lifestyle offering that are mesmerizing everyone living and visiting here.

Here I am sharing few of the most popular city attractions making this city a compelling place to live and visit.

Enthralling fun making opportunities

Shopping, theme parks, man-made beaches and sporting activities and sightseeing places, are making Dubai an enchanting place. Especially, malls in the city are not about shopping purpose only, rather they are offering quality fun and entertainment for the whole family. From theme parks and ski resorts to food courts and fine restaurants, residents can enjoy watching movies in cinemas. Department of tourism also facilitates malls to schedule festivals and event. Such activities keep on delivering endless fun for visitors throughout the year.

The fun does not end here; the city also has a variety of new attractions like IMG Worlds Adventure, Dubai Opera, Legoland and Bollywood Parks. Major sightseeing includes world tallest tower Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands and white sandy beaches with picturesque beauty.




Family friendly atmosphere

Despite being a business hub in the Middle East, Emirati city never forgets family, kids and pet even for a single moment. Whether you visit shopping malls, restaurants, hotels and entertainment venues like water parks, it’s not difficult to find engaging activities for kids of all ages and old aged in the family. Kids play area, comfortable lounge and sitting are present everywhere. Even you can find places where you can even carry your beloved pet.

Vendors are trying their best to offer family-friendly atmosphere to residents and tourists visiting Dubai. For example, Careem Kids provide taxis with car seats, whereas hotels and clubs offer kid corner and club facilities for juniors with babysitting services to take care of your juniors.

Captivating Culture and hospitality of Arabs

Though state authorities have invested huge money in built-up modern structures, they also paid special attention to conserve their culture and ancient traditions like pearl-diving, camel racing, souks and historical district of Bastakiya. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding and the Dubai Museum are helping visitors and expats to understand history and culture of Arabs. They treat their guests with respect and serve beverages and foods.

Endnote: Dubai lifestyle is considered the best among well-developed countries. Year-round sunshine, disposable income and negligible crime rate are few of the best things Dubai offers to its residents without making discrimination among locals and expats.