Renting an office space in New York City is very expensive as the cost of real estate is very high. For a small 2-room office in a decent neighborhood, the rent is as high as $5,000. Other bills aside this leaves you with nothing much to spend on other things. The best solution to the problem is to get a room divider to split up space and share the rent money with another company. Installing room dividers has the following benefits:

  • It leaves no marks and hence the landlord will not object to it
  • Dividers can be put up in a few hours and taken down at a short notice
  • There is no need to build a new wall
  • Room dividers have the useful features that make life more comfortable

When you rent an office space the landlord will be very fussy about nails, glues, and marks. The rental contract does not allow you to make changes to someone else’s property unless the change is temporary and does not damage it. This is why businesses that rent office spaces like to use the fake walls that are removable and are installed using pressure technology.

The company that makes the room dividers comes out and installs your choice walls at a short notice. The walls are very affordable and you can make the payment online in advance. Businesses can get the walls installed and removed anytime they want. Even if you own the office space the fake walls will save you a lot of money as you will not have to construct one.

The wall can be colored to match the other walls so it does not look awkward. The wall design company has a ready stock of walls and can customize the same to suit your needs. You can get the French doors, French windows, fans, lights and closets installed right into the wall. This makes the fake walls very functional. The new room that is created gets well connected with the rest of the office space. When you get new officemates, they will find everything they need in the room to make them feel at ease.

French windows and fans will let in ample cooling and heating to keep the new room comfortable to work in. Walls with bookshelves are great for lawyers and other small businesses that have to store books, magazines, and journals. The many features of the walls save you from the headache of going out and buying things like bookshelves, closets, fans, and lights. Designed to serve the most astute clients, these walls are totally soundproof and secure. Each door comes with a lock so you can keep your papers and computer data safe.

Credit: Flickr

Ordering the walls is easy. All you do is log on to the Room Divider website and select the additions you need. Fill the quote form, include the addition your need, and then wait for the company to give a quote. Do measure your space for length and width of the wall.  The larger the wall the more you pay. You may call the company over the phone to learn more about the installation process.