We all have a special affection for our home. It is the place where we stay with those who truly care for us. Here we can unwind and destress which is very much required. If you too like to decorate your home, read on to learn some innovative ideas.

Ideas for Home

  • Marble

Marble is among the oldest materials used. Earlier used for construction, it now has a much wider use. One of the most interesting ways is to use marble with brass. It can be applied in both, bathtub as well as kitchen. If that does not seem to suit you, you can instead focus on monochrome also.

  • Cerused finish on wood

Originally used by the rich and powerful as a cosmetic, the effect of cerused finish was brought by applying white colored lead over wood creating a lovely contrast. It has now regained popularity and is being used by many people who like its elegance.

  • Subway tiles

This style came after the titles that were used in impersonal and public places started to be used by people in personal places like homes. It is so much liked by people as it offers a lot of scope for different types of designs.

Fashion and trends are not constant. They will come and go. But it is you who will stay in your home. So do not just randomly follow any trend while going for home improvement. Instead, pick a trend that you actually like and can live with. So if you like reclaimed wood flooring, then go for it only if it will suit your room.

While you can always be experimenting with your home, there is a part of the house which is quite often neglected. Here are some interesting things that you can do to your laundry room to make it less boring and much more fun to be in.

Ideas for Laundry Room

  • Repair

Before giving any makeover to the room, it is crucial to repair anything that is not right. So that the first and most important task that needed to be done before moving on to doing anything else with the laundry room.

  • Paint 

Bring out the colors and give your imagination a free run. While most people prefer white, choose any color that will freshen and invigorate you.

  • Brighten it up

If a room looks bright and inviting, it will automatically seem much more inviting. This can be done by choosing bright colors for the decor and furnishings. Ensure enough light by either letting in the natural light or installing  electric lights.

Once you have taken care of the laundry room, you will feel a different vibe when you go inside. Once the room is bright and decorated nicely, it will feel like just any other room in your house. In fact you may start like being there as well.

About the author

My name is Lisa and I’m also fond of fishing. At the age of 21 started fishing with my family. My dream is to visit world’s highest mountain. Right now I’m part of “The Reclaimed Flooring Co.” who has bagged several awards and recognition as a manufacturer of both new and reclaimed wood flooring in the past decade.