Bangalore and Mumbai are being touted as the most impressive real estate destinations that will rock in 2017. The year has began on a good note for the capital of Karnataka where investors are showing a steady interest in buying plots to build homes with their own style. It is now not hard to believe that DIY homes are fast catching up in urban locales also. The trend is likely to continue this year as farm houses, villas and cottages are getting popular on the extended parts of the municipal limits. Consider the rising popularity of residential plots in Devanahalli, Bangalore that is the coming attraction for the working middle class. They are buying plots to make homes in eclectic styles. As business grows in this city, the emerging trends reflect on the current tastes and sentiments of the buyers. The developers are only too glad to cater to the demands of the potential buyers. What are the key takeaways regarding DIY homes. We pick some points of interest if you are contemplating to buy a plot in Devanahalli.

Why DIY homes are now popular?

Many people are now tired of living in match box homes in vertical skyscrapers. The need for farmhouses is growing where communing with nature is possible. Living in a skyscraper is akin to a ivory tower dwelling disconnected to immediate neighbourhood. While earlier people opted for farmhouses for weekends, the need to bring the same environment to everyday living makes more sense. This is the primary reason why plots for sale near Devanahalli are in demand. In a building common facilities tend to get misused and abused with no maintenance in sight. In a DIY home, everything is under control of the owner-right from building the home to keep it going for decades. Now homeowners can control the quality of construction material, services, contractors, amenities and gardens. And currently the sentiment of recycling is fuelling more such ideas.

Celebrity homes also inspire

Most celebrities have the funds for a smart or classic DIY. This is another reason why such homes have become trendy. If your home can be an extension of your favourite celebrity then it is so cool. It is much better than simply sticking posters of matinee idols and sports stars in the bedroom or living rooms. Celebrities also inspire people to have similar styled homes. And in India, this trend will continue as famous people give motivation to others to live better quality  lives. And Bangalore is an excellent location for having a king sized life in affordable, independent homes. You can either revamp or refurbish your own home or better still look for villa plots for sale in North Bangalore. This where the buzz is for DIY homes. Today, not only the celebs but even the middle class have access to the same designers and architects to make homes. Whether it is a bachelor’s pad, vintage style, minimal, classic touch, or ethnic each style can be recreated for any home owner. You can even get a slice of royalty if you wish within your budget and there is no need to pay a king’s ransom for it.

Slip out of the urban cocktail

Urban neighbourhoods are congested and many matchbox buildings are uninspiring. There is an opportunity to slip away from the cocktail of congestion, pollution and low quality life by shifting to Devanahalli. The plots are being sold at reasonable rates. What’s more there is transparency regarding paperwork, ownership titles and services. Take a sip of cool environment, scenic view and better quality lifestyle in a DIY smart home. Now, that is a cocktail worth soaking up to for a dream home.

Author Bio– Richard is a business architect in the real estate industry. He has 6 years of experience in this industry and has got huge knowledge on the various real estate projects like Champions Green County. Connect to know