Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a chore same like spring cleaning, for many of us, it is a necessity. While it helps to deaden the sound around you, it is also a magnet for dirt, debris, and dust making pests to come along.

Even if you have a well-maintained home, the carpet will eventually suffer from soiling so, it is better to clean and preserve its life. Most of us clean our carpets once every year, while others not even do that.

As Christmas is near (hardly 2 months are left); a time of year when your kids have spilled every single thing on their bedroom carpet (something which they are not supposed to eat or drink in their rooms.) You will hate your carpet then. What to do then?

Let us just discuss some of the widely used methods of carpet cleaning:

  1. Hot Water Extraction Method:

The method recommended by most carpet manufacturers is hot water extraction, which is slightly incorrect. Hot water is sprayed on the carpet surface and then sucked back by machines, leaving no dirt on the carpet. Usually, a cleaning agent is added to improve the removal of stains.

  1. Steam Cleaning Method:

This method is highly used by professionals in which a truck mounted unit or a portable machine is used to dig out the dirt.

  1. DIY Steam Cleaning Method:

There are several DIY steam cleaning machines available for rent or purchase. It can do wonders if you are looking it to do it by yourself and not approaching any professional. However, for a more professional cleanup, we recommend a pro steam cleanup. You will see the difference.

Let us dig a bit deeper.


Comparing Professional Carpet Cleaning with Doing it Yourself

1-      Cost Concerns:

Yes agreed, in the realm of budget and cost, DIY (do it yourself )carpet cleaning definitely wins. You can also rent a cleaning machine like for 30$-50$; depending upon the location. Besides that, you can also have a cleaning solution with it. It also depends on how much size of your home is, the solution will definitely last for 2 cleanups.

On the other hand, a professional may take 100$ for the same cleanup even if you have a small room.

2-      Amount of time:

Yes, the professionals can do it for you very fast. It depends on the size of the carpet and number of cleaners at your home. It will take them for an hour or so to clean the whole, making you free to do something else.

If you are cleaning it yourself, then at least you won’t be able to get free for a couple of hours. However, you can buy your own carpet cleaner and that will definitely be a wise investment.

3-    Cleaning Results:

Yet this is another win for a professional carpet cleaning. Let us face the truth!

Rented cleaning machines are good enough to use, however, a team of cleaners can dig out more dirt and debris from your carpet with the help of the truck mounted deep cleaning system.

Hence, you can clean much farther through professional help instead of those rented machines.

4-   Tough Stains:

A professional clean up can remove all those tough stains; as professionals are capable enough of treating those heavily soiled spots. This is because of the tools they are using.

You can check it by putting the hot water extraction system on your carpets; it removes more dirt and stains as compared to the rented machines or even consumer cleaning machines.

5-   Cleaning Chemicals:

If you are concerned about the type of chemicals used for a professional cleanup, then it’s better to opt for DIY carpet cleaning. Here you have control over the chemicals and formulas used.

According to some research by Janitorial Products Pollution Prevention Project, the cleaning products may contain harmful chemicals. On the contrary, if you are planning to do it yourself, then go for organic cleaning formulas and non-toxic chemicals.


The carpet owners with extremely dirty carpets can choose from professional cleanup or DIY; it mainly depends on their budget and how much their carpets need cleaning.

Every carpet comes to a point where vacuuming can no more restore the appearance and dirt and there a deep clean up is critically required.