A lot of us just cannot do without a yearly vacation. Every year when we get a 2-week yearly vacation we head out to the places that are on our bucket list. Smart people plan ahead of time and want to save money in every way possible while having the best time of their life. The Appalachian Mountains are a favored destination for city dwellers that want to enjoy the nature at its best. When you stay at a cabin in Ellijay with your family you can benefit in the following ways:

  • Pay less rent for more space as compared to hotel rooms
  • Cook your own meals and feel more at home
  • Take pets along for free
  • Be a master of your own time

If you have a family of 5 people you will have to book at least three hotel rooms. If you have a dog you will probably have to leave it behind in a boarding house or hand it over to your neighbor so it does not go without food and water behind your back. When you book a cabin in Ellijay you pay less and get more space to move around and stay comfortable indoors. The log cabins in Ellijay are specially designed for travelers and offer all sorts of home comfort so you never miss home. If you want to feel extra special on your Ellijay vacation book an elegant designer series cabin.


Every cabin has a kitchen which is loaded with all that you may need to prepare and serve meals. Guests only have to bring their own groceries to the cabin. Some cabins are located near the lakes and rivers that are well-stocked with fish. So, take your fishing gear along and try some fly fishing from the cabin deck or walk down a few steps to the water. White water rafting and tubing are popular water sports in the area and it is a good idea to rent boats, rafts, and tubes by the hour.

If you have a Labrador retriever being it along and let it help you retrieve fish. The cabins have free beds for dogs, besides water bowls, food bowls, beach towels and free treats. They can enjoy their vacation time while staying in the fenced yard or on the gated deck. On hiking trips do take the dogs along so they too can have a good Ellijay experience.

Source of Image: Flickr

The best thing about staying in a log cabin is that there is no management around. You do not have to behave yourself and do not have to follow any timing either. All hotels ask you to leave the rooms at specific hours so the maids can clean it for you. With cabins, there are no such issues and there is no need to wake up at 10:00 a.m. if you do not want to.

Keep the above benefit in mind when you plan to discover more of Ellijay on your next vacation. You can stay comfy in a spacious cabin, enjoy water sports, play with your dogs and cook the healthy meals at your new home away from home. Booking a cabin is easy. Simply log on to the Sliding Rock Cabin website and browse through the Ellijay Cabins to choose the one you like. Book the cabin online after making a payment.