Beach House Lifts

Modern living is all about comfort with an exquisite class. The technological advancements have not only made comfortable living possible but also have brought solutions to the problems like aging. Home elevators, therefore are blessings in disguise for the fast-paced generation of today facing a plethora of health challenges. The use of house lifts has been increasing tremendously to adorn houses smartly. And if it’s a luxurious and extravagant house at a beach to enjoy vacations, a beach house lift is worth a deal. If you are looking for options to elevate your beach house, this article is just a right guide for you to:

  • Understand the nitty gritty of beach house lifts
  • Be familiar with a great many benefits of it.

Why have a Beach House Lift?

Residing around a coastal line needs some serious precautions. A beach house lift is very helpful in combating threats of floods or storms. Even if your beach house does not have a built-in elevator, retrofitting is still possible after determining the amount of elevation desired. Whatever technique is used for home elevation, the foundation of the beach house is significant to withstand pressure in case of any hazards caused by water. The use of elevation doesn’t only offer you security, but also adds value to the property.

Knee cracking, arthritis and aging are few of the most common health issues nowadays. Regardless of age, people are found to be complaining of joint pains while climbing upstairs. The house lifts rid you from such worries. Now your loved ones with mobility issues or back-aches can have a whale of the time catching up with nature because of these lifts.

Types of Beach House Lifts:

The beach house lifts are available in various shapes and designs from the simplest to the most technologically advanced elevators. Depending on the size of house, budget, and technique of elevation, an appropriate beach house lift can be chosen. Usually, an elevator lift with glass sides and a door are a good option. The traditional hydraulic lifts which need separate mechanical room too are a nice option. A traction elevator is another of a contemporary option. Not just family, your heavy picnic luggage, and pets can be accompanied by these lifts too.

What is required for Installation?


For an under-construction home, detailed planning to install a lift is a must. While retrofitting a beach house for elevation, it is important to understand the changes required in the design and structure of a house. Beach houses are comparatively easier to elevate because of their less complex designs as compare to traditional home elevators. While installing a lift, few changes in the design of the house will be essential. For instance, an entrance door may be shifted and new staircase may need to be built to complement the appropriate installation of a house lift. A care should be taken to disconnect all the service utilities including gas, telephone, electricity, etc. they can be reconnected once installation is done. Beach house utilities may also require insulation as the chances of storms are higher to damage the utilities.


Beach house lifts, if hydraulic, are quite expensive because of the high service needs and a designated mechanical room. Next in this queue is traction lift. The most pocket-friendly is the elevator lift as it doesn’t require much of service and installation cost. Since chances of erosion in the coastal areas are higher than usual, beach house lifts and its parts require regular servicing. Hence, cost of maintenance must be kept in mind before having one for your beach house.

Final Word

Beach house lift is a smart innovation to load you off and ease your feet. Just a little understanding of this technology can make your house a perfect place to relax.