There is nothing worse than coming home and finding out that there has been a slight issue in your drainage pipe and gunk is spewing all over your front yard. That is what happened to me a few months back , I was coming back home from work and was extremely tired and wanted nothing more than to relax and have a few cold ones, but I came home to find that there is a river of nasty flowing through my house, and at first glance I could not determine where the problem originated from, but after a while I saw that one of the sewerage pipes had burst and this is what led the gunk to spew out.

After some deliberation, I called a contractor, but alas the figure he quoted me was nothing less of a small fortune, with my hand forced I was about to agree to his terms and conditions, that is until my neighbour out of curiosity came out of his house and assessed the situation. He after a while suggested that I call Harris Water, and since he has worked for several years in the construction business I decided to take his advice.

After a while the guys from Harris water came in and fixed the problem, and they charged a reasonable fee as well. However, there was still the issue of standing water, but they were nice enough to use a sump pump and suck the water right out of my front yard. The reason I am so particular about standing water is since it can be a leading cause for many different diseases and in general it is quite unpleasant. If you find yourself faced with a similar scenario, I would advise you to call a professional to take care of this ASAP, as standing problem can give birth to a number of different problems, some of which include.

Health Risks

According to the World Health Organization standing water is a breeding ground for many insects. The most common of which are mosquitos and dragonflies. When the larvae of these insects are left undisturbed it allows for more insects to be airborne and carry airborne diseases. This is the leading cause of symptoms such as Diarrhea and infections amongst others. Hence if you do not immediately take care of standing water, it can stagnate and became a breeding ground for disease-carrying insects


This is a naturally occurring fungus that needs moisture to grow. Standing water as you can guess provides the ideal situation for mold to grow. Standing water may be harmless itself, but it provides an environment which is perfect for bacteria and fungi to grow. The recent outbreak of E.Coli is largely attributed to standing water.

Molds can grow almost anywhere, and the produce a toxic byproduct known as Mycotoxins which in severe cases can lead to conditions such as excessive nose bleeding and nausea amongst others.


Apart from the fact that mold can be detrimental to your health there is also the fact that it is extremely pleasant to look and smell at. Standing water can really get on your nerve and in my case I just could not bear the smell of the gunk for more than a few minutes anyway. Standing water if allowed to stand for a few days’ smells extremely foul and can really take a hammer to your senses. Hence to avoid the general unpleasantness I advise everybody to take care of the problem as soon as it arises, otherwise it can be a real doozy to handle if it spirals out of control.

Standing Water And Electrocution

Water and electricity mix a little too well, and all it takes is one naked wire to make an innocent bystander into a sheesh kabab. This is perhaps the most life-threatening danger associated with standing water, and all it takes is one naked wire to turn you into barbeque. Hence be very careful when handling naked wires near standing water.

Property Damage

Apart from the general health scares there is also the universally acknowledged fact that standing water can do excessive damage to your property, mold and other fungi can really wreak havoc within your walls, and if the water seeps through into the foundation than it can really destroy your property from within.

Hence I advise everybody not to delay when there is an issue with standing water, and always call a professional pronto, to help clear it all up.


Author Bio:
Jason Elliot is a fire fighter who is currently enjoying live in Detroit Michigan, and enjoys writing in his spare time.