Choosing the best pediatrician for your baby can be a daunting task, especially when you are a first time parent. A pediatrician is simply a doctor who examines and manages the health (physical, behavioral and mental health) of children. Equipped with all the necessary skills to take care of a child’s health, they are the graduates from medical school and completed a 3 year residency program in pediatrics.


When it comes to choose the best pediatric for your child, you should start searching for your child’s doctor as early as possible around 6-7 months of pregnancy. Below mentioned are certain important points to consider while choosing a pediatrician amongst a large number of Charlotte pediatricians:


You can ask your friends, coworkers and family members with children to provide the names of few good pediatricians. Ask for their suggestions based on why they chose that particular pediatrician and how was their experience with the pediatrician.

Find out the essential details about pediatricians

Make sure to find out all the important details about the pediatricians including their educational qualifications, area of specialization, their experience and whether they are board certified or not. Also, check if there any kind of disciplinary action or charges of negligence have been filed against the pediatricians.

Fix an appointment

Narrow down your list of pediatricians based on your research. Fix an appointment with particular pediatrician and ask all the questions that you have in your mind. This will help you to make a wise decision.

Check the office surroundings

When you visit a pediatrician, check his/her office thoroughly. Whether it is clean and family friendly or not? Is the office staff friendly and kind? Are there separate waiting rooms for those who are sick and those who are well? Etc.


Make certain that you are located as close in proximity to your pediatrician’s office as possible. You may require making frequent visits to the doctor, especially during your newborn’s first year of life for immunizations, weight checks, etc. Therefore, you must choose a doctor nearby your location so that you can commute conveniently as and when required.

There are a number of pediatricians out there in Charlotte; however, everyone is different in terms of their area of expertise, experience and educational qualifications. Based on your specific requirements, choose the most appropriate pediatrician for your child in Charlotte.