Fashioned Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaids in the past had so few options when it came to their dresses that it has become a long standing joke. The colors were perfect for a chair covering but never quite right for a gown. The most they could hope for was that the bride would not add a huge bow on the backside.

Today, popular bridesmaid dresses are anything from chic and elegant to short and sassy. They are lovely dresses that the bridesmaids would not hesitate wearing again. Designers and vendors have stressed the importance of the beautiful bridesmaids that compliment the bride and do not take away from her splendor.

Here are a few of the latest trends that are gracing wedding chapels across the globe:


Bridesmaids want to get away from the puffy, little girl sleeves. There are very few dresses that carry that style well, and the age of the bridesmaid never seems right for the look. Strapless is very popular with brides and many bridesmaids are choosing dresses to match. But a bridesmaid is actually there for a job. She will be on her feet for hours. She will go get things that the bride needs. She will stoop, bend, squat, and carry. The strapless dress is lovely, but a bit much for the busy bridesmaid. Instead, the modern bridesmaid gown is leaning toward a one strap gown or a dress with ultra-chic cap sleeves. These are sexy and offer some support.

Note:  A plunging back-line is acceptable, but again, due to the duties of the bridesmaid, it should not be so low that they can not move freely to attend the bride.


The layered dress is the hottest dress on the runway. A beautiful tiered skirt that flutters in the wind or a floor-length dress with layers of sheer fabric is beautiful for the formal wedding. If you are a bride that likes classic without extra romantic fluff, opt for a pleated dress. You get the same stunning elegance but in an understated gown.  


This year a cotton lace dress that is short, or to the floor is popular. If you are in need of tea-length dresses (to just below the knee or to the calf) use tulle or chiffon material. This gives you a semi-formal look that is elegant but can be blended in with a less formal setting.

Two-piece dresses are also very pretty when you combine a cotton lace top with a high-waisted skirt. You can use one style skirt for the wedding and change to nice pants or a short skirt for the reception or after party.


Strappy, sexy heels are always a winner for the wedding, but be careful not to get heels that are too high. If the bridesmaid has to walk outside, dance for hours, or stand for extra pictures, they may look in pain in your wedding photos. Instead, go with a more comfortable heel that is a bit lower.

The current trend is for the bridesmaids to wear the shoes of their choice with-in a style and color range. The extra bit of personality is fun and enhances the wedding. As long as they stay in the range of the brides instructions they can choose a shoe they love.

If the bridesmaids are given some freedom in the gown choices (maybe they are wearing different hues of the same color or choosing the sleeve or neckline they like in the same dress) the opposite is true. Those bridesmaids should all wear the same shoe in the same color. It is the reverse effect and has the same results.

When a bride walks down the aisle after her line of stylish and lovely bridesmaids, her beauty will be magnified. Her bridal party is put together and projects her modern charm and grace.


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