Evening dresses come in a variety of styles and colors. Choosing what is right for you depends on your personal taste and the occasion which requires an evening dress. Just because you are wearing a full length gown doesn’t mean it needs to be frumpy. In actual fact a recent study has shown men are attracted more to women in full length gowns. Evening gowns can also be mid length but aren’t in general short. Short dresses are best left to those parties and summer days.  From lace, ruffles and classic lines to splits in the leg and strapless dresses there is something waiting to be worn by you! Add some mystery and some elegance to your evening and have a look at these beautiful, sexy evening dresses.

Red, Lacy and Sexy Evening Dress

This is our top choice for an evening dress. It is beautifully designed with a lacy texture, a small area cut out in the back and has a gorgeous detailed hemline. The length is perfect and falls just below the knee and can be teamed with black heels to make a statement. The tight fitting sheath material really stands out from the crowd and red is a color which you can’t go wrong with when choosing. This is a top choice and although it isn’t full length it is classed as an elegant evening gown and one which will turn heads.

Black, Sleeveless and Open Back Full Length Gown

If red isn’t your color and you prefer to go with something classic then this classic cut evening gown will do just perfectly. It is black which is elegant and stylish and the split in the leg makes it sexy to wear. The halter top and backless feature makes this an ideal option if you want to add sexiness without it being too over the top. This is an inexpensive dress which you should have in your closet in case the occasion calls for it. This is also a beautiful dress which will suit many body types. For those with blonde locks or even black locks why not think about choosing something stunning for that next night out.

Different, Modern and Elegant Evening Dress

If black or red isn’t something you want to go for then choose something entirely different. This unique option is stunning and is perfect as an evening dress. The V neck offers emphasis on the important area and the two layers make this a classic option. The bottom layer is a mini dress so nothing intimate is on show and the top sheet layer will provide the elegant look you are going for when it comes to evening attire. The apricot color and simple floral pattern is feminine and offers just a dash of oriental to it. You don’t have to go with what it a classic evening dress but instead choose something like this. Still sexy but natural looking at the same time this is third on our list and much loved by many women.