technology trends in education

In this current era of technology, education has been advanced beyond the thoughts. These days, kids are not using traditional computers for connecting to the internet; they are always busy on their smart devices like Tablets, Smartphones, Phablets, and more. One way or another, it is helping them to grow mentally and upsurge their knowledge. Recent surveys have shown the rapid rise in video learning and mobile computing which is going on and on. Here, we are highlighting the technological trends which caused revolution in the field of education.

  1. Access to Personal Mobile Phones

It won’t be wrong saying that it is the topmost trend for whole humanity. Every student is carrying a mini computer in their pocket, backpack, or purse that eliminates all such doubts if we are beyond the tipping point.

More than 80 percent of high school students have access to their personal internet connected smartphones and other devices, which they typically access in their schools as well.

  1. Internet Connectivity

It is an interesting fact that the internet has given a lease of life to both students and teachers. It allows them to share documents & information, and communicate to discuss the subject-related topics. With an ever-growing use of the Internet, students prefer 3G or 4G devices as their primary means for interconnection. Since there is less contention with these non-traditional devices, they don’t prefer using traditional internet devices like broadband for connectivity.

  1. Use of Video for Classwork and Homework

Video has been another efficient tool which is on the rise in the field of education. Since digital lectures are presentations are more comprehensible for students, teachers are using videos in the classroom. In the online courses, students are accessing already-recorded videos of lectures online. The initiative helps them learn at their personal pace and complete homework timely.

  1. Making Use of Different Technological Tools

Students are making the most out of various technological tools. With the proliferation of so many tools, they are getting increasingly savvy and taking advantages of them. Whether mobile devices, social media, e-books, and what not; everything has transformed the learning processes. Pupils use mobile phones for communication and reminders related to their academic lives, take notes on their laptops rather than writing on a paper, and prefer e-readers to find the latest and updated version of course outline.

  1. An Increased Interest in Online Learning

With such development in the field of education, students got the freedom of learning any subject of their interest. Many schools offer online courses to get registered and enhance the knowledge without getting out of the comfort zone of your home. Self-confident students with their individual interests enter into virtual learning and embark on success. The opportunity enables them to enroll in a course around the world, which helps in their career growth too.

  1. Use of Social Media

It is clear that the expectations of parents and teachers have been outpaced for the students’ use of such impactful technologies. Where it is presumed that the social media is something that drives to distraction, some students are using it for improving grades as well. Inside the classroom, they are connected, but social media plays a pervasive part when it comes to their lives outside of the class. Students communicate through text messages, networking sites (Facebook and Twitter), and chat rooms.


With such rapid evolvement, the future of technology in education seems more than up to par. It would be all about cloud and anywhere access. By its very nature, technology changes at a fast pace challenging students and teachers every next day. We must remember if there is any new advancement in technology, the learners must know to use it productively or the initiative will be doomed to failure. Also, it will evaluate how the technology can support and benefit the field of education.

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