Design thinking is a notion through which business leaders organizes and structures the creative process effectively.  The process of design thinking generally involves solution based thinking by utilizing creativity and adopting a practical approach. For today’s businesses, design thinking plays an important role in generating new ideas and products/service design.

Role of design thinking in customer service solutions

The ideology of design thinking process can be applied to augment the customer service experience with these simple steps:


  • Developing understanding with customers: From a customer service perspective, the first and foremost step in design thinking is to develop an understanding with customers. This can be achieved through examining the customer journey starting from the point of first contact till after sales services.
  • Identify the right problem: After performing a thorough analysis of a customer’s journey, you’ll be able to discover any inadequacies and discrepancies in the customer journey. Here, you must identify the right problem that needs to be solved.
  • Create multiple solutions: The next step in a design thinking process is to create multiple solutions for consideration through cross department inclusion. It will aid design solutions from more than one point of view. After identifying multiple solutions, it is important to decide which solution to put into practice. After making a final decision, prototyping is carried out.
  • Testing solution under normal business conditions: The finalized solution is then tested under normal business conditions to determine its efficiency. The performance metrics must be recorded and compared.

How beneficial design thinking is?

Design thinking is beneficial in many ways. First and foremost, it provides an exceptional way to analyze customer service problems from the customer’s point of view. It also helps to design human centered solutions. The process majorly focuses on the interactions between the customer service department and the customers. It allows managers or business leaders to get to the main cause of the problem through analysis instead of making any assumptions. The best way to effectively monitor and record interactions is through focus groups and personal interviews with the customers and members of customer service department.

On the whole, the design thinking process helps encouraging innovation and problem solving skills through creative thinking. Collaboration and combined teamwork are essential elements of design thinking. Further, all-embracing prototyping and testing assures that the anticipated solutions are in alliance with the vision of an organization and meets all the customer’s needs.