To hire the right furniture rental company is critical for hosting a successful event. When organising a large party such as wedding ceremony with more than 100 expected guests, accommodating the entire furniture requirement by yourself is nearly impossible and this is when rental companies come to the rescue.

Instead of buying all the furniture you need for an event, renting is a more practical approach as the entire process is supervised by industry professionals whereas it can save you a lot of money. Purchasing furniture in bulk and storing it after an event is cost-prohibitive even for larger event planning organisations that not always cater same style of furniture rental.

In short, renting furniture for an event is more feasible that won’t just save cost but time and effort as well. The rapid growth of industry during the last few years made it difficult to choose from the many options available. Here’re a few primary factors to evaluate when selecting furniture rental company for next event;

Planning a single event & furniture style

When planning a single event with smaller requisites, factors offered by the company appeal professional planners. Style of the furniture is perhaps the most important consideration when choosing rental company. Think about style you wish creating for your event ensuring that company you choose offers the desirable furniture choices.

For instance, if the event is classy and more of an upscale affair, you shouldn’t approach company that rents hay bales as a substitute to benches. On the contrary, company that specialises in Victorian furniture won’t be suitable for beach-style and casual atmosphere. If you’re unsure as to style preference, simply consult the furniture rental company for creative ideas.


With rental style and preference comes another consideration factoring on the final decision to be taken and that is “budget”. Ask furniture company if it charges extra or probe on hidden costs that would dry your pocketbook. There’re times when cost of setup and delivery is incorporated to the rental rate however can be separate as well with varying rental company. Your first approach should be companies dealing with smaller events as you’ll surely find better rates and convenient choices.

Early experience

Going solely with the company’s promise on making the event outstanding would drain your pocket entirely. A safe way is probing in past work samples to ensure quality of furniture rental is up-to-the-mark that you actually desire. If a typical company is accustomed to handle corporate event furniture, it mightn’t be the best choice for a western-themed party for instance!

Consider references from friends, family and even workplace colleagues as past experience and a successful track record would help in getting the professional results and event outcome that you really longed for!

Additional services

In case you formed a long-term partnership with furniture rental company, do consider additional offerings such as freight costs or more that mustn’t be included in the initial rental price. Some of the companies encompass setup and wrap-up as a part of their services while others simply deliver furniture that you’d need to set all by yourself.

Final verdict

In the end, whatever the company chosen is your own decision so make sure the process remains streamline from the start.