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In the process of hiring people, many recruitment companies tend to make mistakes which they do not even realize. In many cases, they are accustomed to do what they have been doing for past many years.

Let us Look at Following Scenario:

Your company undergoes some change in business – perhaps sales increase or somebody resigns – so management looks forward to hiring new resources to fill in the positions. As a result, job descriptions are advertised on various websites or submitted to recruiters. However, sometimes, there’s an announcement inside the organization asking the current employees if they are interested in the new roles. Otherwise, the company wants to hire new people and start shortlisting potential candidates.

Then they collect CVs, manually type through them, begin to rearrange interviews and juggle schedules. Longer the hiring process, the more frustrating it is likely to become.

In the meantime, your business still demands what is required. Thus employees are asked to figure out the ways in which the burden can be divided. But, it is usually very tiresome.


Tapping into ManpowerGroup’s insights and experience, you can consider following tips for hassle-free talent hunting.

Keep Looking for the Best Talent All the Time

It is important for a recruitment agency to be proactive instead of reactive. As a matter of the fact, most of the companies start hiring new resources if and when there is a vacant position in case of expansion of business or increased sales. Instead of looking at the skill-set of an employee, it is advisable to look for qualities and characteristics a new employee brings to the company.

For instance, there are three important points that you need to keep in mind when recruiting. Firstly, make sure that the potential candidate is able to fit into your organizational environment. Secondly, try to determine whether or not the potential candidate is passionate about what he or she does. Thirdly, ask them if they are willing to be challenged for the sake of growth and innovation. If their answers to above questions are in affirmative, hire them right then!

Ask your Existing Employees to Recommend New Talent

It goes without saying that your employees are your ambassadors. They not only know the functions of your business but also predict the future needs of the company. Therefore, if you entrust your employees to recommend fresh and experienced talent, it will help the organization in many ways. For example, a referral process can time and costs while maximising employee retention.

Selecting People

Have a Standing Invitation for People on your Website

This helps businesses a lot. If you post vacancies for the roles needed in your organization, you are advised to publish a permanent post for new employees. It is no exaggeration to say that it is always beneficial to talk to people can add value to your organization. Therefore, such a proactive decision will make your hiring process easier and smoother.

Look Beyond the CVs

Literally, you cannot evaluate a person’s talent and skills by looking at a piece of paper. However, leading recruitment companies are revisiting their methods of head-hunting. Now, they evaluate future employees’ presence on social media channels and kind of leadership they are demonstrating. It is good to check the type of endorsements and recommendations they have received on the LinkedIn. These social signals are great indicators of what they can bring to your company.

In the end, if your organization is based in Dubai and too small or too big to manage a full-fledged human resource management department, you can reach out to Dubai recruitment agency for bringing experienced talent on-board.


Writer Bio

As a part-time writer at Manpower Group a Dubai recruitment agency, Hannan Kirmani covers topics related to trends, news and proactive approaches to improve recruitment processes. He has extensively written for various news portals and blogs. At heart, he believes that recruitment agencies need to focus on behavioral skills of the candidates instead of just looking at their resumes. Apart from writing, he loves to sing songs and explore the beauty of nature.