Company Information

Written or text content paves way for your company’s knowledge which is essential to gain competitive edge. This knowledge comes from years of experience and unique insight for each corporation. The details specify particular market gaps and queries pouring from clients, customers and employees.

For instance, the UAE company information or knowledge base functions like a repository bearing essential information that defines routine business operations along with long-term goals. It also provides an effective way to archive critical information pertinent to the customers, products, services and employees.

Corporate knowledge base also help employees to access the details so they can address customer service issues, offer better solutions and gather insight for a collaborative workforce. The same UAE company information or knowledge base can increase efficiency and productivity when managed online as employees are able to extract the details conveniently.

Social intranet software can provide ultimate knowledge management solution through which you can conveniently seize information, utilise the data, enhance customer support and establish online presence of the corporation. The end result is improved customer satisfaction, retention, better profitability, high morale of both employee and customer. Check out a few helpful tips below!

  1. Gather & reprocess the details

You’re likely to take a knowledge-centred approach to employee training, on-boarding and for customer support. You can also simplify other procedures that require sharing of the details and collaboration.

This knowledge base is only relevant to the information it carries; no more no less. If you wish creating online corporate directory, details such as FAQs, important topics and issues along with major guidelines as well as frameworks associated to the company.

The approach is to improve efficiency of the support website, methods or practices to gather, organise, streamline, utilise and reuse the UAE company information.

  1. Resolve issues for the team

Determine if your potential employees have certain issues and concerns with the customers. If so, the experience and insight on the online database is likely to provide a perfect solution. Creating a database is best when it comes to document solutions to possible issues that may arise in time.

  1. Frequent updates

This company knowledge base must be regularly updated or else the employees are unlikely to benefit from it. Fresh details and facts must be fetched from all available resources keeping in mind that the information is unbiased.

As employees interact with the database, they’re able to continuously monitor the details and submit their feedback. Just in case there’re ambiguities or mistakes, updating the content and addressing to the concern is therefore easier only if information is maintained.

  1. Content creation & collaboration

The online UAE company information offers a two-way solution such as both company and mass audience are able to get in touch with each other, share and create content for improvement. You can easily create and publish blogs and articles for marketing that includes interactive multimedia for better search engine optimisation strategies and many other special features.

  1. Social sharing & insight

Online directory and knowledge management software allow employees to add information within the private system. They can even share the details using social sharing options which further pave way for continuous improvement in terms of customer service.

  1. Ongoing improvement

Online company directories and social intranet software makes it simple to improve overall services because there isn’t any waste of time when looking for files or sifting through various versions of the documents. Searching for a particular piece of information or topic is easy which further makes it easier responding to customer queries.


Managing corporate knowledge base through the above tips is certainly easier to establish a long-term rapport.