According to the traffic information, there are variable message signs which are used to guide us. As these signs are used to control the traffic. Now everything is going to me digital so the traffic signs are also designed in such a way that they provide the complete real- time information to the driver the variable message signs board is used. The Intelligent Transport System is the integral part that is connected to the local area network and provides the complete information about the road or about the traffic system.

The Technology used for the real- time system:  For this, the technology has played the very important role of the various sign system which is displayed digitally and the traffic condition can be shown with the help of radio links also. Now the people prefer the GPRS system which works as the real -time system most of us are using it to follow which path is the best one to reach our destination place soon. So this is the best way and the informative way for the people as it helps in the accident rate and makes you aware of the condition of the road. Previously people were aware of the lights that are also the part of real- time traffic information as now this format is also changed with the digital one and provide you the information with the help of lights and arrows too.

The Effectiveness of variable message signs and their information:

The effective way of this technology is used by all of us in our daily life.

  1. The variable signs are used and the Radar speed signs are commonly used and this is also known by some people.
  2. It can help us to provide the information about the traffic congestion like this can easily know by us with the help or radio technology also.
  3. Road work zones and the speed limit are basic information which the person can get through the real- time system. This can be useful on the highway. As the speed limit is necessary there.
  4. Urban areas use the technique of VMS which is used to provide the proper guidance or the parking area or can guide us about the limit travel speed.
  5. Flip disc technology or the LED displays are used the led displays message the colored text or the graphic one.
  6. The Dot matrix variable message sign is there which can be used as in the form of row matrix, character matrix or the full matrix.

VARIOUS SIGNS are: The various type of signs are given below

  1. “Reduced speed” sign.
  2. Changeable message signs (informs about traffic or closing roads)
  3. Electronic VMS (handled by state traffic management center) update the sign automatically.
  4. Variable speed limit sign
  5. Portable VMS

Conclusion: As the variable message signs are there and all of them work digitally the message passing with the help of real -time system can help you this can be useful as to make yourself update. People tried to follow this and make the use of the signs.