One of the most intriguing and baffling questions faced by someone new to the logistics industry is, “Which trailer is the best for my shipment?”

To put your mind at ease, we have listed some of the commonly used trailers that are specifically designed to haul certain kinds of freight.

Heavy hauler

A heavy hauler is a heavy transport vehicle designed to carry oversized objects that are otherwise difficult for road transport. The design of the vehicle usually comprises of multiple axles, a lowbed trailer, and a tractor unit. Some of the widely used heavy haulers are:

The self- propelled trailer aka self- propelled modular trailer (SPMT) can transport exceptionally heavy load freights weighing over 5000 tons. This platform vehicle has gained momentum in the construction, shipyard and offshore industries over the years as it allows to carry massive objects and reduces transportation cost.

Hydraulic modular trailer also called hydraulic platform trailer can be customized to accommodate the weight and length of the shipment thereby facilitating the transport of heavy and oversized cargo.

Lowboy trailers

The lowboy trailers aka low-bed trailer is a semi-trailer which is ideal to transport heavy construction machinery that is taller than the permitted legal height for other trailers. The design of this trailer ensures no damage to the cargo and can take up loads up to 80,000 pounds. RGN trailers, double drop deck trailers, and dolly trailers can be categorized in the lowboy trailer.


Car transporter trailer

The car transporter trailer otherwise known as auto transport trailer is a kind of trailer that is designed solely for the purpose of transporting vehicles through a truck. These vehicles typically have a built in ramp to easily load and unload the vehicles and even hydraulic ramp controls to adjust the slope of the ramp.


Refrigerated truck trailers

Refrigerated or reefer trucks are the perfect solution to transport perishable freight like meat, fish and fresh produce that are sensitive to heat. This vehicle has a cooling device and the internal temperature of the truck can be controlled to suit the temperature requirements of the cargo. This vehicle is mainly used to transport frozen food and produces that need to be kept fresh. These vehicles can carry cargo up to 42,000 pounds.

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