Are you planning to spend some quality time with your newly wedded wife on the upcoming weekend? If yes, then why don’t you plan for a mini-vacation? Skeptical whether a two-day vacation will turn out to be good or not? Believe me; it is definitely going to be a great vacation. Never judge a vacation by the number of days, because sometimes a single day outing can be much memorable than a 15 days vacation. So, instead of counting days, start thinking about how to make the trip memorable one.

Since you’ll be going for a weekend vacation, there’s no point picking any abroad tourist spot. And moreover, there are plenty of tourist spots in the USA only, where you can spend amazing time with your dear wife. One of the best places in the USA, where you can take your wife for a mini-vacation is Beverly Hills. It’s not just a place where you might bump into one of your favorite actors, but there are many things that you can do here. When I went to Beverly Hills for the first time, I just visited the major tourist spots only. But the next time when I planned to go for a vacation to Beverly Hills, I was determined to spend a luxury vacation because it is totally worth it. So, I would suggest, if you want to make your wife feel extra special, do make it a point to spend a luxurious vacation with her.

Now, you must be thinking how would you spend a luxurious vacation in Beverly Hills, right? Don’t worry; here are some suggestions that will surely help you.

First, Book a luxury hotel

To spend a luxury vacation in this star-struck city, the first thing that you’ll have to do is book a four or five-star hotel for staying. If you are worried about finding one then don’t, as there are numerous luxury hotels scattered all over Beverly Hills. SIXTY Beverly Hills, Beverly Wilshire, Montage are a few popular, as well as luxurious hotels to name. So, book either of these hotels or search online for more options.

Always travel in a luxury car

You and your partner are surely going to roam around the city, isn’t it? So, do not roam around the cities in an ordinary cab or taxi. Make sure you surprise your wife by booking one exotic or luxury car like Ferrari for rent Beverly Hills. Believe me; this surprise will surely make her feel ecstatic. Also, try to ask the rental company to provide a chauffeur, to make the experience more luxurious.

Plan to take her for a shopping spree

You may wonder, what has shopping to do with a luxurious vacation, right? Well, understanding this is not your cup of tea. But, you suggest this plan to your love, her face will instantly lit up, especially when you offer to take her for a shopping spree at Rodeo drive. This is undoubtedly a shopping paradise, where your wife would not just come across some really expensive, designer brands but, she will also come across some exciting events like jewelry festival and etc. So, she’s definitely going to love this idea.

Take her for a luxurious dinner

Since you have two days in hand, one day make sure you take her for a shopping spree, sightseeing and etc. And the other day, plan a romantic date. When it comes to planning a romantic date, don’t arrange it in the hotel where you are staying; instead, take her to a luxurious restaurant that has great ambience and is well-known for its toothsome food. Some of the well-known luxury restaurants I have been to are- The Bazaar, Cut, Lawry’s the Prime Rib and many others. I’m sure she will love these restaurants.

Now, when you know the tips to spend a luxurious vacation in Beverly Hills, hope you can arrange everything properly and make your mini-trip memorable. And don’t forget to book an exotic car. In fact, you can also hire luxury cars for rent Los Angeles as they too can provide you with a car and chauffeur, so that you can roam Beverly Hills luxuriously.

Author bio: Eric Burton owns a car rental that provides luxury cars for rent Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. To know the procedure of hiring Ferrari for rent Beverly Hills or LA, go through his articles.