Some parking facilities like to use valet services to provide ease and convenience to clients. However, due to the increase in car related thefts and burglaries associated with the valets, more car drivers feel comfortable parking their cars at automated car garages. There are 5 type of parking facilities that are in use these days: Parking Lots, Valet Parking, Park & Ride, Automated Parking Systems, and Semi- Automated Parking Systems. Learning more about the various type of parking facilities helps you in the following ways:

  • Plan trip ahead of time and pay accordingly. Book spaces online when you choose an automated garage with an online website.
  • Use the park and ride services when you fly out of town.
  • Allows you to leave your car in a security guarded place where the risk of theft is zero.

Parking Lots:

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Parking lots are marked by white or yellow lines and can be seen at the public and business places like parks, malls, hospitals, schools, and restaurants. These are open for all and one has to get to the free parking spot ahead of time during busy hours.

Valet Parking:

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Clubs, theaters, and hotels have the valet parking to offer a better visiting experience to their guests.  One has to leave the key with the valet who parks the car for you. Some establishments have paid valet parking while others offer the services free of charge. When you want to leave the venue, the car will be driven by the valet from the lot and brought to you. You will have to give the valet at least $5-$10 as a gratuity.

Park & Ride:

Park and Ride

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Due to the shortage of parking space at the airport, many private companies offer park and ride services. You can use their pick and drop services to save time. They have car garages that have either a semi-automatic or automatic parking system to store cars. The car will stay safely at their facility and you will be driven to the airport to catch your flight on time. When you arrive back in town, their pickup services drive you to the parking lot to pick up your car.

Automated Parking Systems:

Automated Parking

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The automated parking systems (APS) are made of high-grade steel and aluminum and can be designed to store vehicles of any size and weight. A mechanical system moves the car from the entry area to a parking spot. The multi-level systems use a car lift. These are also called rotary systems, robotic systems, and car stackers. The modern APS get the dimensions of cars on entry and then place them in the available parking space. Online booking is another good feature of these systems. One can book a space and pay for it online and arrive at the venue with total peace of mind knowing there is no space searching required. This makes life easier for car drivers. The best thing about these systems is that there is no need for a valet. It requires a one-time investment which pays off in the long run.

Semi-Automated Parking Systems:

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An employee is required to work the semi-automated system and the car drivers can also operate the system. They have to at least press a button to work the system. These are a lower investment project and give a good return on investment. For smaller capacity garages, these are an ideal choice.